How it works

Heavnn gives you superpowers to plan and optimize your taxes thanks to the right balance between a tax technology covering more than 85 countries and our team of experts supporting you at each step.

Discover the power of a tax expertise right at your fingertips and make your location-independent journey a life changing opportunity!

Our process at a glance

A digital interview that will allow us to collect high level information about your situation (travel journey, finances, personal, ...)
1-1 Preparation meeting with an expert from the Heavnn Team to dive deeper in your situation, detect potential points of attention, and confirm our understanding.
We design your global remote setup and optimization scenario, according to your very specific situation
You review the plan that Heavnn designed for you, review it, amend it and validate it once you're fully satisfied
Once your plan is validated, we start the implementation for you. Forget about the paperwork, you're done here!

Our expertise

Our global tax technology combined with our team's expertise covers the following key taxation and legal topics for the design of the best tax setup adapted to YOUR particular situation.
Do Your Taxes Plan Your Taxes Global Remote Setup
Tax residency election and transfer
Global personal taxation optimization
Global business taxation & optimization
Tax treaties & international strategy
Professional status (work from wherever policy, business registration, incorporation)
Local administrative tasks
Tax & legal risks analysis
Paperwork & implementation
Multi-country tax returns

Our results

We globally manage to reduce our customers taxes by at least 60%. And we provide an insightful scenario on how to do so, even if you won't have to implement it yourself in the case of our main offer "Global remote setup". Find out what it looks like here:

The Heavnn Hub: Our cherry on the cake


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